Kosice, from Kosice to Budapest, from Budapest to Kosice

Private transfers by car or minibus from Budapest to Kosice and from Kosice to Budapest. We will tailor the journey to your needs and will travel to any destination in Budapest and Kosice. Plan a day trip between Budapest and Kosice.

Kosice, from Kosice to Budapest, from Budapest to Kosice
Only 2,5 hours by car
Schedule your pickup whenever you want, and leave departure boards and timetables in the rear-view mirror.
Kosice, from Kosice to Budapest, from Budapest to Kosice
Private transporation
Discover your one-stop travel shop: long-distance rides, one-way or return, by the hour, day trip.
Kosice, from Kosice to Budapest, from Budapest to Kosice
Door-to-door travel
Rest easy with door-to-door pickup and dropoff — no change of transportation needed.
Kosice, from Kosice to Budapest, from Budapest to Kosice
Safety first
Travel confidently knowing your safety is our #1 priority. Rigorous health and cleaning standards round out a best-in-class service.

Private transportation service between Kosice and Budapest

We know what matters. We know that sometimes your holiday is planned long ahead, but sometimes it is not due to your business. But still, it is the time you want to enjoy. You can enjoy alone or with a local person helping you getting a real insight into different cultures. Such a local experience as a part of your travelling can make a difference and we honestly believe it is irreplaceable. Book an unforgettable private transfer with Get Bus Tour.

The time and comfort make a difference. Our local driver picks you up at the agreed time and at the agreed place and drives you safely to your destination in Budapest or Kosice. You can avoid finding cabs, taking care of your luggage, waiting at trains stations or security lines. What more, you can make most of the day by touring the castles, abbeys or towns along the way that would be missed otherwise. We are very experienced and we drive this route very often between Kosice and Budapest (in both direction).

Comfortable travel between Budapest and Kosice

Better the travel by car or minibus between Budapest and Kosice than by train or public bus

Private transport between Budapest and Kosice does not take any longer than flying between Budapest and Kosice. Our transfers are also much more comfortable than travelling by train or coach. On the way you can see many beautiful places. Private bus transfers from Budapest to Kosice and from Kosice to Budapest as well as bus hire for events, weddings and other functions can be arranged on request. It’s not the cheapest option, but for this price you can enjoy a hassle-free, door-to-door private transfer. You can pre-order reliable private transfer to the city center, comfortable car transfer for the family with children. The transfer cost between Budapest and Kosice is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises: either when the driver is waiting for the passenger, when the stop is necessary, or because of traffic jams.

You will not be sharing the vehicle with other passengers and the cost is for the private hire of the vehicle and driver. We provide transfers with clean and comfortable, air conditioned, fully licensed and insured vehicles and professional drivers. Please note that this is an estimated transfer time and does not take into account traffic and road conditions.

Comfortable travel between Budapest and Kosice
Transfer from Budapest to Kosice and from Kosice to Budapest at a fixed price

- Easy and comfortable way of getting from Kosice to Budapest
- Faster than train or public bus from Budapest to Kosice
- Cheaper than private taxi from Kosice to Budapest
- Experienced and professional English speaking drivers
- Modern fleet (buses, minibuses & cars)
- No suitcase or weight limit
- No hidden extras

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Private transportation is a feature of modern times. In the past, it was considered a luxury service inaccessible to everyone, but that has changed. Priced even cheaper than a regular taxi, but much more reliable. Anytime, any group number, any destination. With a private transfer service, you save valuable time and money.
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We offer professional and friendly English-speaking drivers and a great variety of vehicles, from comfortable cars and extra-long minivans and buses of different capacity.
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